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Exceptional Parenting Podcast

Feb 26, 2020

There’s more than enough parenting advice out there for; how to be more patient, yell less at kids, and transform into the mom who actually loves motherhood. While some of those tips might work for a while, most likely, all that parenting advice won’t last long term because it’s missing one important piece. 


Feb 19, 2020

This episode is close to my heart as I interview a friend and former student Shira Parnes. She isn’t a parenting expert, behavior expert, or anything of the likes. She’s a mom who works a full-time job, has young kids, and just like most of you- at one point felt like she wasn’t cut out to be the mom her kids...

Feb 12, 2020

We all have an idea of the kind of parent we want to be. Maybe it’s a mom who doesn’t yell or a mom who loves every minute of parenting. In this episode, Alyssa Blask Campbell and I explain why those ideas can be more harmful than good when it comes to helping us be a more positive parent. 

Both Alyssa and I have...

Feb 5, 2020

What works one day with your kid might not work the next. They tend to do things that seem so unpredictable sometimes. I get it, and it’s very common for sensory kids. 


In this episode I help take the “random” out of these reactions by helping you see;


*Why kids might enjoy a sensory activity one day and the...