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Exceptional Parenting Podcast

May 27, 2020

When little kids have sensitive emotions, we typically see BIG behaviors. It can be tough to navigate all those big explosions and we wonder if we are supposed to be more patient or more stern with them. 


Here you’ll learn how to support your child and their big emotions, without compromising your expectations and...

May 20, 2020

So many of us start motherhood thinking we will be the perfect parent. We have an unrealistic view of what motherhood is supposed to be, so when we find ourselves getting angry, yelling, or threatening our kids, it feels horrible. We feel like a failure. We feel alone, and we feel like we are the only ones who struggle...

May 13, 2020

We talk a lot about our kids’ big emotions, tantrums, and meltdowns, but what about our own? In a Facebook conversation the other day my friend opened up about her parenting frustrations and said: “please don’t tell me to just take a deep breath”. 


I didn’t tell her to take a deep breath, and I won’t tell...

May 6, 2020

“When my kid acts out, I wonder if I should be more stern or more patient? Nothing seems to work, what do I do?”

That question was posted on a discussion board and if you’ve been wondering the same thing, this episode is for you.

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