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Exceptional Parenting Podcast

Feb 5, 2020

What works one day with your kid might not work the next. They tend to do things that seem so unpredictable sometimes. I get it, and it’s very common for sensory kids. 


In this episode I help take the “random” out of these reactions by helping you see;


*Why kids might enjoy a sensory activity one day and the next day refuse it.

*Why a child might be noisy but yet can’t stand noise.

*Why what bothers them one day might not bother them the next day.

*How you can support them to work through it. 


This episode dives deeper into sensory in a way that most resources don’t, and I hope you love it! Understanding our kids is the key to being able to support them and feel better about how we show up daily with them. 


If you want to dive deeper into this process of understanding your sensory kid, go to to learn more about my full program during the site-wide sale. 

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