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Exceptional Parenting Podcast

Feb 26, 2020

There’s more than enough parenting advice out there for; how to be more patient, yell less at kids, and transform into the mom who actually loves motherhood. While some of those tips might work for a while, most likely, all that parenting advice won’t last long term because it’s missing one important piece. 


That piece is exactly what Nancy DeMaria shares in this episode and is what she wrote her book about “Little Secret, Big Change.” While her parenting advice might seem countercultural, the truth is, it works. In fact, before even meeting Nancy, I experimented and found what she teaches to be so true in my home. 


Her secret? How we feel about ourselves and the way we approach our own feelings will drive us to respond in a certain way as a parent. In other words, if we feel like a failure, we will act like a failure. If we feel like a great mom, we will act like a great mom. 


Find out how to do this and learn why this is the only parenting advice you’ll need in this episode.


You can find the full show notes here