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Exceptional Parenting Podcast

Oct 24, 2018

In this episode Amanda beautifully explains how perfectionism can secretly sabotage so much of the joy we are meant to feel in motherhood. 

Personally, perfection was a silent culprit for some of the most difficult years in my motherhood life. Overcoming perfectionism is a process I have had to work really hard to do in my life. My hope is that Amanda's wisdom will help you avoid so much of the pain I had to go through, not knowing what the cause was.  

As a person who struggles with perfectionism, Amanda opens up about exactly how as moms, we can push past the pressure of social media, do our best with our kids, and avoid stepping into that murky water of perfectionism that leaves us all feeling like we aren’t good enough.

Let's face it, as moms we have a tendency to approach parenting like a google search thinking there is a quick easy answer to any problem. The truth is, reality isn't a google search, and might take some wading through tough waters. 

Amanda explains how those times in the murky waters can help us and how to navigate them without going into the downward spiral of "My kids aren’t perfect, therefore there’s something wrong with me or my parenting.”

Towards the end she gives an analogy that really helps shift the perspective of anyone who has ever messed up, and has kids who messes up.

The big idea Amanda brings to this episode is something quite counter intuitive. She explains more in the episode, but the concept is that perfectionism isn’t something we arrive at, it’s a process of growth.

Listen in to be inspired and uplifted by the realness and honestly in this episode. 


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