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Exceptional Parenting Podcast

Feb 19, 2020

This episode is close to my heart as I interview a friend and former student Shira Parnes. She isn’t a parenting expert, behavior expert, or anything of the likes. She’s a mom who works a full-time job, has young kids, and just like most of you- at one point felt like she wasn’t cut out to be the mom her kids needed. 


In this interview she shares how she felt about parenting, wanting to be a good parent, but feeling like she was falling short, and not loving it for a while. Then as she shifted her thinking and her perspective, her feelings changed too. 


She admits she’s not perfect. But she can confidently say today that she loves being a mom and shares how that shift came about for her. Hint: it didn’t come from mom hacks, parenting tips, or following any 5 step plan. What she shares is as real and honest as it gets and I know you’ll relate to her story. 


After you listen to this episode, reach out to me on Instagram and let me know how this helped you. I’m @wendybertagnole over there and I can’t wait to hear from you. 


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