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Exceptional Parenting Podcast

Oct 24, 2018

Allison Egidi is a sleep and wellness coach who brings her expertise to show us how to take the shame out of bedtime routines and create something simple that actually works.

As a new mom Allison, like most of us, prepped by reading all the books, doing what the doctor said, and doing all the “right” things to get her daughter to be the perfect sleeper. But yet things still didn’t go according to plan. She veered from the books and explains exactly what she did (which didn’t include crying it out), and how you can implement the same ideas into your child’s sleep routine without a lot of stress.

It isn’t uncommon for a child’s anxious feelings, genius ideas, and sensitive nature get in the way of our kids sleeping well. Here Alison opens up about her personal experience with that, why she set aside all the typical sleeping books and created her own sleep routines, and why she’s now ok with that.

In this episode you’ll also learn one surprising, research based tip that might drastically help you get your kid to bed without resistance. And what to do when there is resistance.

I hope this episode brings you the hope, and peace you need around creating better and easier sleep routines for your preschool child.

Allison Egidi can be found at:

Facebook: Sleep and Wellness Coach

Instagram: @sleepandwellnesscoach