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Exceptional Parenting Podcast

Oct 24, 2018

Jennifer is a mom of two miracle kids, who knows what it is like to live daily with exceptional behaviors. In this very honest episode Jennifer shares the reality of the struggles and joys in raising children with challenging health/emotional/and behavioral differences.


As many of us may have started out, Jennifer was a career driven woman before having kids, then became a mom and her kids changed the trajectory of her mothering path more than she could have ever imagined.  


After having her first child who had serious medical challenges, she was faced with a baby who literally cried all the time and could not be comforted. Jennifer opens up about the difficulty of that and how it forced her to become present, selfless, and yet completely alone. Her other mom friends couldn’t relate, and nobody could help.  


That season passed and she remembers thinking that “no one could prepare me for the joy of having my first healthy baby...AND no one could prepare me for the exhaustion of parenting a special needs child with autism and sensory processing disorder.”


For any mom who has ever felt the isolation of parenting a child whose behavior or health is an exception to most rules, you’ll find hope in the mantra Jennifer has adopted for herself which is “acceptance vs. tolerance.” Listen in to find out what that means on a daily basis and how it has helped her weather the storms that come into her life.


Jennifer shares her perspective of parenting now and says “this [my daughter’s] struggle that I get to be part of. I’m honored with that space and to be present during it. It doesn’t always feel like an honor to be there, sometimes we just want to check out, but as a whole it is an honor to grow alongside her.”

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