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Exceptional Parenting Podcast

Nov 7, 2018

As a new mom who was desperate to not make the "mistakes" I made with my first child that led him to not sleep through the night until he was two...I decided to take to the books with my second son when it came to his sleep routine.

Worst decision ever!

I was filled with ideas that didn't work for my son and guilt about the strategies not working. The process was miserable, and in this episode, Vanessa talks about why that happens to so many parents. 

Her big suggestion here it for all moms to take the "shoulds" off the table firsts and foremost, and allow the child to become the teacher. 

Vanessa talks about how to use pre-sleep routines that are unique to your family, playful, and quick to get your child in the mood for sleep.

She also discusses how to navigate the different seasons of a child's life that might affect their sleep routines and how we can be flexible and adjust to the seasons knowing it’s part of normal development.


Her tips and encouragement for moms of kids with any sensory differences are so helpful and what I wish I would have had when I was a new mom.