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Exceptional Parenting Podcast

Nov 21, 2018

When behavior ramps up, it can be frustrating, exhausting, and sometimes even infuriating.

With kids who have heightened sensitivities, these behaviors are more extreme than most others can even imagine. 

Knowing what to do in the moment is not easy because, let's face it, most things others tell us to do just DON'T WORK!

Ignore it? --it gets worse

Punish it? --it becomes a massive fight

Put the child in timeout? --that becomes a battle that leaves walls with holes and tempers flaring. 

Don't worry friends, here we are all about dealing with the exceptions to the rules, and because of that, I have some great advice for you in this episode.

I tell my students and myself to do one thing when behavior ramps up, and as always, this advice goes against a lot of typical parenting advice. Buckle in and I’ll share all with you here in this episode.