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Exceptional Parenting Podcast

Oct 30, 2018

IF you've ever felt like the chaos of motherhood has drained you and left you wondering who YOU really are, this episode will not disappoint. Here I interview Monica Packer from About Progress about how moms can rediscover themselves in the chaos of motherhood. 

In this episode both Monica and I share about a point in our motherhood where we literally felt lost. Our interests took a back burner, our personalities evolved into something we didn't recognize, and we both became people we didn't want to be after growing our families. 

Having kids with challenging behavior, clinical needs, and strong personalities, Monica opens up about her struggle to find herself again and how women in a similar position can do the same. 

Personal development can seem so overwhelming when we are restrained by time, money, and resources. Here Monica shares an easy strategy all of us moms can start to invest in ourselves using the least amount of time and money possible. 

The value of being personally fulfilled in motherhood is a gift that extends to our entire family. Making the time to rediscover ourselves while still being completely present in motherhood is how this is done and Monica explains how to realistically make that happen. 

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