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Exceptional Parenting Podcast

Dec 23, 2020

To celebrate the Exceptional Parenting Podcast reaching over 100 episodes we’re taking a look back at some of my favorite interviews so far! Over the past 100 episodes I have loved talking to other professionals in the field while educating myself in the process. It’s been quite the fascinating journey! This week I’m looking back to my chat with Alfie Kohn about parenting myths. 

There are likely millions of different parenting practices out there. Different authors, coaches, mentors, and experts all laying out strategies, and tactics for “getting kids to behave”

Some of the more popular strategies include “ignoring junk behavior” and “praising positive behavior.” Coaches are calling these positive parenting practices, stating that these two strategies will eliminate 98% of all junk behavior, and teach kids to be more calm.

In this episode Alfie Kohn dives into the research and practical long term, damaging effects of these two practices.

Here, in this episode you’ll learn;

*how to switch from a “doing to” to “working with” approach in parenting

*why ignoring behavior, sending kids to timeout, or withdrawing attention is damaging long term

*how praising behavior creates less intrinsic rewards for kids

*the research behind these practices

*how most “behaviorist” parenting practices originated and why they aren’t effective for kids in the long run

Alfie is an author of 14 books, the one I personally have read and highly recommend is called Unconditional Parenting. All his books, blog articles, and work can be found on